Bee Prepared!

two bee hives sit in snow with 4 inch snow cover on roof

Bee hives in the snow

This is the perfect time of year to start a bee hive, well, when it warms up that is!

To get yourself prepared, sign up to the Birmingham and District Beekeepers course for beginners at Urban Veg to learn the basics and gain the confidence you’ll need to start caring for your own hives.

Please note, this course isn’t just for beginners! We have had great feedback from those who already keep bees saying the course was incredibly useful. So, whether you need a bit more info on swarm control, winter and spring feeding or queen replacement, then get in touch!

Every Thursday evening for 6 weeks from 7.30pm-9pm starting 18th April 2013 (£40)

For more information and booking details click here