Friends and Foes of Fruit and Veg

As you may have noticed the slugs have started to hatch, grow and eat. Not all slugs munch through your healthy lettuce though, some only eat decaying matter, so knowing which one does what is very useful for your veg patch and compost.

There are other bugs in the garden who’s looks are deceptive. Take ladybird larvae for example, they look like little dragons but they are incredibly useful, eating more than their fair share of aphids as they fatten up on the road to becoming ladybirds. So if you see one of these, no matter what you do, don’t squash them!

courgette destroyed by slugs

However, if you were to find the culprit who did this to our courgettes…

…then please, squash away!

Simon Gulliver from the Botanical Gardens, will be running a one day session at Urban Veg on Friends and Foes of Fruit And Veg . The morning will be spent learning what to squash or save and the afternoon will focus on diseases which are often over-looked but can be detrimental to this and following years crops.

All pest and disease control will be chemical free. We love all wildlife!

When? 15th June

Where? Urban Veg, Winterbourne House and Gardens

How much? £30 including refreshments

To book a place please call 0121 414 3003 (and choose option 4) or in person at the Winterbourne Garden entrance.

You can also email for more info

We hope to see you at Urban Veg soon, ’til then, happy hunting!


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Promoting urban food production by offering advice, support and courses to groups and individuals.

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