Edible Chelsea

The grow your own message is all over Chelsea Flower Show this year.
Adam Frost’s Homebase garden mixing edibles and ornamentals beautifully.

Show gardens, trade stands and floral pavilion displays are showing off edibles as attractive plants in their own right.

There are new and forgotten varieties, ideas on how to grow veg and simple, sumptuous treats for the eyes!

Angelica adds structure and flavour to Adam Frost’s Homebase garden.

A boot full of strawberries by Ken Muir.

A biome of delight. Where could we put this at Urban Veg…?

Kelways have a great sense of humour with their veg tree! Ideas for Christmas?

East Malling display rootstocks in a novel and exciting way.

East Malling educate again with a skeleton apple tree showing the proportion of root to canopy. A great way to show where roots are for effective watering.

All parts of the viola are edible the petals and whole flower are pretty in a salad!

Amazing Caigua will be grown at Urban Veg thanks to Robinson’s and their amazing seeds.

Trombonchino also from Robinson’s will add interest and fabulous tasty gourds to the polytunnel. When the fruit touches the ground it turns and grows back up again!

Herbs spilling over the shed bed at Pennard plants.

Daubenton’s perennial kale is now on the shopping list. Harvest top growth for a perennial short kale with delicious sprouting shoots.

A raft of container ideas including an oil tin and tonne bag in a crate. Even if you don’t have ground you can have fruit and veg!

Barnsdale Gardens shows us where rhubarb began.

Semi aquilegia ‘sugarplum fairy’ with red kale is just the loveliest combo!

Birmingham may be land-locked but the message is the same, seaweed is good for your garden!

The gardens and stands at Chelsea Flower Show are a showpiece, they may not be practical or real but they do inspire!


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