A tour of the garden

Our volunteers have been hard at work this winter and efforts are showing in our lovely garden. Still feels like we’re about a month behind thanks to the cold but food is growing, roses are budding and the bees are bringing pollen into the hive!

Here is a photo tour of our garden as it is now, it’ll be so nice to compare these with pictures in a months time! If you’d like a proper tour, in person, please just drop us a line.


Our Rhubarb which has been well harvested and having a break.

A mixed veg bed with spinach, komatsuna, chervil, calendula and garlic.

Raised beds and shed. Beds are mixed planting a of cabbage, salad, peas and beans. On the left, tucked under a plastic sheet, is our earth oven. The earth oven is drying out and will be lit with a small fire next week.

Our perennial borders are growing a pace and our inherited trees all leafing up. So happy spring has sprung!

Little garlic plants and cardoon sit beneath the glasshouse.

Herbs, veg and flowers in this small front garden go to show edibles can look lovely! Bijou peas will be a focus in this garden come summer whilst broad beans offer a doorstep harvest.

A bike shed green herb roof with our wildlife garden in the background.

The woodland garden looking lovely! We’ve underplanted it with currants and gooseberries thanks to Food Forest Brum.

Alys’s forest garden which also houses our bee hives. Honey, fruit, plant feed and greens. Mmmmm

Our lovely allotment garden turned over entirely to veg. Potatoes, mange tout, dwarf beans, garlic, parsnips, cauliflower, cabbage and more fill this tiny space (just add sun!)

A view through our rosé pergola to our fabulous greenhouse, it’s gonna be full of toms, chilies, basil, grapes, melons and hopefully sweet potatoes!

See, the daffs are STILL out!

And finally, the perennial enemy looking lovely…



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