Sowing for Gold


We, the Urban Veg gardeners and volunteers, got a bit upset recently. It was hard not to when staring at a tray of tomato seedlings cooked into dust overnight by a dodgy switch on a propagator. Mournfully we packed up the broken propagator and sent the baked causalities to the compost bin. Meditating on our losses we rescued what we could and then revived ourselves by sowing chillies, more tomatoes and herbs into working propagators and early peas and beans into modules in the greenhouse far away from mice.

Our seed session helped cheer us up but what really makes battling through the losses worthwhile is that feeling of wonder and true joy when those little cotyledons (seed leaves) show themselves and stretch out into the light. It’s a feeling of pure gold when you realise your little seed is now a big plant who can process light, water and air into food. In fact, it such a thrill you can get a bit giddy… maybe its all the extra oxygen given off by the new plants!

We are growing a whole mix of heritage, organic and even F1 seed here at Urban Veg, we hope to save some of our own seed (not from the hybrid F1s of course!) for home use and will run seed saving courses in the future to help you get more seed thrifty too! But, no matter how much we save there will be an ever-present draw each winter to pour through the seed catalogs and ogle the new colours, flavours and yields the seed companies offer!

Urban Veg is incredibly grateful to Thompson and Morgan who supplied a huge package of fruit and vegetable seed to us at the start of the year. We have beautiful seedlings of Cabbage Red Jewel, Tomato ‘Maskotka’, Spring Onion ‘Ishikura’ and Aubergine ‘Moneymaker’ all powering away in the greenhouse and with a little care, some better luck with propagators and a gentle Spring we’ll be harvesting these throughout the year!

If you’re new to gardening then now is the perfect time to learn some of the basic principles to get you growing at your best! Urban Veg is proud to be running Ideal For All food growing courses this year starting with An Introduction to Urban Food Growing starting on the 8th April 2013.


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Promoting urban food production by offering advice, support and courses to groups and individuals.

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