Urban Veg Digs Sundays

A naturally-occurring Sunday gardening group has sprouted at Urban Veg!

On Sunday mornings a small group emerges and works ‘til lunch tending the land, planning and dreaming of harvests for the following year. The work is varied but always accompanied by chatter, inspiring ideas, tea and even a bit of German (don’t cut your fingers on the baumschere!).

It’s often said that good things start small but I reckon they start better with cake! So far we’ve warmed our hands on mugs of tea and re-energised with Rachel’s Lemon and Thyme cake, had one of our 5-a-day with Lena’s pumpkin cake (even though it was smothered in chocolate, I still claim it was healthy!) and people were very kind about my carrot muffins.

Cake keeps me going but the joy of gardening with others makes me skip down the road on a Sunday!

Clare, Coordinator @urbanvegwhg

maybe we could have pineapple cake one day!

Rachel and her tropical offering. If this grows well we could end up eating pineapple cake!

If you’re interested in joining us on a Sunday or volunteering in any capacity at Urban Veg then please, drop us a line urbanveg@contacts.bham.ac.uk or tweet @urbanvegwhg

Activities coming up:

Help us make the garden wheel-friendly (renovate raised beds and pathways)

Hard work but we’re worth it (work day to fix our polytunnel space)

Sow the seeds of Urban Veg (broad beans, garlic and over-wintering onions)

Feed the soil, feed the belly (mulch and manure spreading)

Perennial jobs (weeding, better done over a chat)

Release your inner-carpenter (help to build structures for info boards and bikes)

Get graphic (help us design signs for the garden)


About urbanvegwhg

Promoting urban food production by offering advice, support and courses to groups and individuals.

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